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About Us

Festival Bar CrowdWe have been working in the alcoholic beverage industry for over 15 years and have been responsible for the installation and maintenance of beer dispensing equipment and in more recent years we have been responsible for full bar management services at many events throughout NSW, Victoria, QLD and many other parts of the country.

Having extensive experience in temporary bars, we provide our own stainless steel mobile bar units for hire and purchase. We have provided these for a range of events and have constantly received positive feedback on their ease of use and on the quality of equipment and beer dispensed. We have an experienced team which expands as needed to ensure coverage 365 days a year and if required 24/7. We are more than capable of doing any size event and work well to tight deadlines or short notice. We understand events happen on a specific day, they can’t be put off till Monday, we provide ourselves on the fact “we understand events” and work by that philosophy.

Why Hamiltons Bars and Events?

Due to the setup of the company, Hamiltons Hospitality can now offer the following for any event:

  • NSW Beverage Caters Licence
  • Supply of all infrastructure for the bar operating areas:
    • Marquees
    • Flooring
    • Cash Registers
    • Bar Frontage
    • Site Office
    • Beer Systems
    • Cool rooms
    • Offsite Cooling Facilities for stock
    • Fencing / Barriers
    • Tables, Chairs and Bar Tables for customers
    • Miscellaneous items including fire extinguishers, first aid kits, water towers, ice tubs, safes, etc.
  • Please note infrastructure provided is assumed to be a level to provide for the safe operation of the event bar.
  • If a higher level of supply is required it becomes a bar hire cost. An example of this is a 6m Hoecker Marquee structure is provided.
  • If a larger or smaller marquee is required for the event then it becomes a bar cost.
  • Complete supply and management of casual staff for the event. Last year we recruited well over 500 staff for various events all over the country.
  • We own the equipment. Since we don’t have to hire the equipment like other bar management companies we can put as much equipment as we want into the venue and it doesn’t cost money. As we also supply infrastructure to other events we constantly see people skimp on equipment because it costs them money.
  • We freight all our own stock and control all stock in house. Most other bar management companies have to contract out this service, so they don’t have full control over the movement or security of stock.
  • We own the equipment, we know the equipment and we can fix the equipment when it breaks down.
  • We provide full financial accounts on all parts of the service. This includes all money collected by cash register, money banked, money accounted for by stock, stock summarised by product, all stock audited both into and out of event, full staff breakdowns of time worked and payments.
  • The only costs incurred, under our setup is for stock, staff and freight costs. There are no hire costs like other companies. Please note hire costs account for between 10% & 20% of profit.
  • Due to the fact we supply all infrastructure it allows the promoter to seek cash from sponsors for pourage rights. Sometimes for example breweries will supply infrastructure instead of money for an event. Under our setup there is no need for the brewery to supply the infrastructure.